Pod Cast Reviews

I’ve found my blogging purpose! I love digging through podcasts to hunt for awesome tips, and I’m happy to share what I learn.

I have tons of experience in the academic world and absolutely none in fiction — but fiction is what calls to me.

So I’m on an epic learning journey to pick up as much info as fast as I can.

And podcasts, they make it so easy. I can listen to them when I’m cooking, cleaning, and waiting for my kids at the bus stop.

I’ll post 2 reviews per week (or more if I’m researching a topic). I’m sharing what I learn in the Podcast Review section of my blog. Here are the podcasts I’ve reviewed so far:

Upcoming reviews:

  • Beautiful Writers Podcast (https://www.beautifulwriterspodcast.com/)
  • Drunken Pen Writing (@drunkpenwriting)
  • The Writers XL (@TheWritersXL)
  • Unlikeable Female Characters (@UnlikeableFCPod)
  • Write-Minded Podcast
  • I Should be Writing (with Mur Lapherty)
  • Ditch Diggers (with Mur Lapherty)
  • Self-Publishing with Dale (@selfpubwithdale)