So sketchy

Every day, I post a very short story on Twitter for the #vss365 writing prompt. My daughter is an artist, so I did some digging to see if there was a daily prompt for her.

I discovered:
#Sketchtember (a sketch a day)
#Inktober (an inked drawing a day)
#NaNoDrawMo (50 pieces in a month)
#Drawcember (a drawing a day)

And more (a wiki list of art challenges)

I’m not an artist, but my daughter’s excitement is infectious. I’m going to give Sketchtember a try.

Digging in

Two years ago, my uncle told me a fantastic (and real) tale of adventure in Bombay that took place 50 years ago. The story had me, my husband, and one of my best friends spellbound.

So that will be my next novel. A fictionalized historical set in Bombay in 1970 involving my uncle, my grandmother, a runaway princess from a neighbouring country, a wannabe Bollywood star, and an abandoned infant.

I’ve started doing the research. And OMG it’s a helluva lot of fun. I wish I could write full time.


After half a dozen query workshops and tons of advice from friends who are published, I’ve taken that leap! I’m querying my novel.

I braced myself for a long, hard fall, and then discovered that I have a little parachute that’s helping me gently float — manuscript requests!

It feels so incredibly good to wake up in the morning to a full request! Someone, somewhere, wants to read a little bit more of something I wrote.

I started querying early August. So I’m not that far in yet, but I’ve learned that I have a query that gets responses. That feels like a big win, because marketing has always been a mysterious and frightening thing for me.

More lessons to come, I’m sure … but for now, I’m so grateful for this parachute that’s slowing the terrifying free fall.