It has begun

Over the winter break, I began writing my first novel. I decided to write a Romantic Suspense story because that’s a fairly big market segment, and I thought, when the time came, it was something I could pitch more easily than other genres.

The first draft came together quickly, in about 60 hours in a three-week period. Revising and editing has been ongoing since.

I submitted an incarnation of that first draft to an RWA writing competition at the end of Jan. Over the March break I heard back — I was shortlisted!

I still can’t believe it.

The second incarnation, heavily revised and edited, now sits with the judges, a publisher and an agent, who may request a partial or full manuscript. I’ll hear back on my birthday, in mid-May, which has turned me into a child, counting the days until my next birthday….

I’m waiting for my manuscript back from my editor (someone I hired directly to help me polish my work), and I’m also awaiting feedback from the writing competition judges. In the meantime, I write short stories to bide my time. I’ll post some to this website soon.

Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash

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